Ball Bearing GTX3582r Upgrade for IDIT/093 Turbos

  • $1,600.00

The GTX3582R upgrade for factory IDIT and 093 turbos is the middle ground in performance between the 60-1 and T04Z upgrades, with more than enough airflow for 100+ cc of fueling, without requiring head studs like the T04Z turbo upgrade. This upgrade takes the stock compressor wheel size of 58/70mm to a 61/85/82mm modern forged billet wheel that is not only stronger than the stock cast wheel, but lighter as well.

Unlike the journal bearing GTX3582 turbo, this turbo comes with the upgraded T04S  anti-surge compressor housing by default. This compressor housing upgrade takes the inlet from the stock 2 3/4" inlet to a 4" ported anti surge inlet, and a 2.5" outlet with a cast in bead roll for a tight clamp on intercooler couplers. If you don't want to immediately add an intercooler, the T04S cover can be used non intercooled with the CDD intake hat. 

Depending on your use for your truck, upgrading the turbine wheel can be a great way to improve top end power and drop egts. The stock turbine works well for low in power, but for upgraded engines with studs and large injection pumps, it can run out of its efficiency range and choke at higher boost numbers and rpms. This creates higher egts and kills top end power, the t350 "stage five" wheel increases the turbine size to 62/71mm from 58/64mm stock turbine size and drastically uncorks the turbo. 

Ceramic coating is available as an upgrade for any level of turbo rebuild, our high temp ceramic coating is available in colors and mixtures of gold, silver, and black to restore the look of your turbo, insulate the piping to improve turbo spool time, all while keeping more heat out of your cab and rust out of your exhaust. The default color for ceramic coating is silver, if you wish to use any of the other available colors, please leave a note at checkout, or through the Contact Us page. If opted not to use a ceramic coating, the turbine will be coated with a high temp primer to prevent corrosion and give the turbo a like new look.

This turbo has no core charge, and after you install your new turbo we will buy back your stock turbo for core parts for our other turbo rebuilds! 

*T04S cover does not fit the 093 or IDIT intake boxes. Please check out our cold air intake kit, and select the T04S cover option for a bolt in upgrade.

*Wastegate is still retained, however in high boost applications we recommend our wastegate delete flanges.

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