CDD IDI Turbo Kit Package

  • $1,999.00

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The CDD turbo kit is a fully restored and upgraded IDIT turbo kit, we take a complete turbo kit from a core IDIT engine, glass bead blast all the piping, intake, turbo hotside and ceramic coat the exterior for a better than new finish. Our high temp, ceramic based coating looks similar to a matte powder coat, but is rated for up to 2000*. The ceramic coating is permanently bonded with the steel, preventing rust for decades of use, and insulates heat transfer better than any heat wrap. This heat insulating effect, aids turbo spooling and helps keep that hot exhaust out of your cab and floor. Ceramic coating is available in gold, silver, and black.

Both valve covers for the CDR and GPC relocation are powder coated in silver by default, if you wish to use any of the other available color options, just leave a note at checkout. If you want to customize the color options for the piping, intake or valve covers, send us an email at

After the ceramic coating process, all studs, nuts, bolts and washers are replaced with quality hardware, labeled for an easy install. Along with the new hardware, this kit comes with all new seals, o rings, filter and an upgraded stainless braided turbo feed line and fittings to replace the leak prone stock unit, while retaining the stock oil pressure sending unit. 

Along with the turbo kit restoration, the stock T04B turbo (or new upgraded turbo provided if selected) is rebuilt with our upgraded 360* thrust bearing, and upgraded oil seal rings on all our turbos, along with all the other turbo upgrades we already offer for the IDIT platform.

Due to limited availability, and the time frame of machining, ceramic coating and curing process, sometimes several weeks are needed before the entire kit is ready to ship, if this is a concern please inquire ahead of time about lead times. 

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