CDD IDI Turbo Kit Package with T04Z Upgrade

  • $2,200.00

The CDD turbo kit is a fully restored and upgraded IDIT turbo kit, we take a complete turbo kit from a core IDIT engine, media blast all the piping, intake, turbo and ceramic coat the exterior for a better than new finish. Our high temp, ceramic based coating looks similar to a matte powder coat, but is rated for up to 2000*. The ceramic coating is permanently bonded with the steel, preventing rust for decades of use, and insulates heat transfer better than any heat wrap. This heat insulating effect, aids turbo spooling and helps keep that hot exhaust out of your cab and floor. Ceramic coating is available in green, gold, silver, tungsten, and black. Both valve covers for the CDR and GPC relocation are ceramic coated in silver by default, if you wish to use any of the other available color options, just leave a note at checkout. If you want to customize the color options for the piping, intake or valve covers, send us an email at

After the ceramic coating process, all studs, nuts, bolts and washers are replaced with quality stainless hardware, labeled for an easy install. Along with the new hardware, this kit comes with all new seals, o rings and an upgraded stainless braided turbo feed line and fittings to replace the leak prone stock unit, while retaining the stock oil pressure sending unit. 

Upgrade your rebuilt factory turbo kit with our drop in T04Z turbo!

This turbo is the ultimate upgrade from an anemic factory T04B H3 turbo into a modern firebreather while completely bolt-on and supporting power ranges in the 300-400hp range. Our turbo is built re-using only the factory turbine housing, which is machined for the Garrett Stage 5 T350 inconel turbine wheel. A new bearing housing is used with an upgraded oil seal ring, and 360* billet thrust bearing. From there we use a custom billet backing plate and compressor wheel, and finally topped with a new Garrett T04Z, anti-surge, .71 AR compressor housing. This compressor housing features an anti-surge 4" inlet (vs 2.75 stock) and 2.5" outlet (vs 2" stock) with v-band option.

The billet compressor wheel is an off the shelf GTX40 wheel that is cut down to a 62-1 sizing of 62mm inducer/76mm exducer, it utilizes all the benefits of a modern billet Garrett wheel design, in the packaging of an older style wheel, while still being rated for 70+lbs of air, enough to make up to 400 hp at the crank. This wheel with its t350 turbine wheel and tight exhaust housing, retains stock like spool characteristics with the big top end power of a big single turbo capable of over 30 psi, and with its modern anti-surge compressor housing is very favorable for heavy towing.

-V Band housings require a new downpipe to be made, 3" 94-97 7.3 Powerstroke downpipes are close to fitting, and have been successfully modified to work in this application. If using the ford turbine housing, the original IDI downpipe will bolt on. The stock air filter setup does not work with the larger T04Z turbo frame, and although intercooling is not required, it is highly recommended for use at this power level, for a non intercooled setup use the CDD Universal intake hat for a leak free solution and simple piping.

-If we list our these as sold out, we are waiting on more cores to arrive. Please visit this page to get your place in the queue in order to receive your turbo kit as soon as it is available.

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