Custom Big Bore/Stroker DB2 Injection Pump Builds

Custom Big Bore/Stroker DB2 Injection Pump Builds

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In order to push the DB2 platform to the next level, we have developed a reliable process to increase plunger bore size and greatly improve fuel output well beyond ever thought possible. With rotor options available from .370" to .550" we can build a custom tailored pump for your desired power level. Because of the demand on the parts with these pumps, we use all new components from the housing to the driveshaft to the head and rotor itself, so no core is required on these pumps. These pumps do not retain a fuel screw, however we can add a fuel limit screw to the housing in order to externally adjust power output. These pumps start at 450hp for $1800 and carry a lifetime calibration warranty, so if there is any changes desired to the drivability or performance of the calibration, changes can be made free of charge. These pumps are custom tailored to your specs and built to order, wait times are dependent on part availability. For any questions on these injection pumps contact us at Sales@classicdieseldesigns, or on our social medias @ClassicDieselDesigns.

Current lead time for most types of CDD injection pumps is 2-4 weeks.

  • .330" DB2 up to 170cc peak, 150cc @ 2800 rpms
  • .370" DB2 up to 260cc peak, 175cc @ 2800 rpms
  • .370" DB2 Stroker up to 460cc peak, 210cc @ 2800 rpms
  • .450" DB2 up to 300cc peak, 250cc @ 2800 rpms
  • .450" DB2 Stroker *In Testing
  • .500" DB2 *In Development
  • .500" DB2 Stroker *In Development
  • .550" DB2 *In Development
  • .550" DB2 Stroker *In Development


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