Core Buyback Catalog

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Exchange your old IDI parts for Store Credit! The following parts are currently eligible for our core buyback program. Simply place an order on this page and leave a complete list of the parts you plan on sending in at the checkout page in the notes section, once we receive your parts and confirm they are in usable condition you will receive an email with your gift card code to use on the store. 

Important, please read!

  • Injection pump cores must be a 7.3 pump, starting with the serial code DB2831xxxx, if you need help confirming your pump is eligible send us an email at Pumps must rotate freely, no seized, contaminated or rusted pumps. No 6.9 pumps will be accepted.
  • Injectors must be a stanadyne body, any code is acceptable but the early B code injectors (G, E, and D codes only). No rust pitted bodies or stripped/cross-threaded injectors will be accepted.
  • All fuel system parts must be completely drained of diesel or they will never arrive and be seized by hazmat in shipping. If you have any questions on how to prepare your parts for shipping and how to properly package them, send us an email at

Core values subject to change

  • DB2831 Injection pumps with no torque screw $100
  • DB2831 Injection pumps with torque screw $150
  • G & E code injectors $8 a piece
  • D code injectors $5 a piece
  • ATS 093 and Ford Factory turbos without cast elbow $350
  • ATS 093 and Ford Factory turbos with cast elbow $400
  • ATS 088 turbos $No cores needed at this time
  • ATS 085, Hypermax and Banks turbos $No cores needed at this time