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What is the purpose of a sump? A sump is a product used to collect fuel from the bottom section of tank instead of through conventional sending unit draw straw. This product converts the fuel system to being gravity fed which significantly reduces the chances of air intrusion, improves priming, and greatly increases the fuel flow for performance applications. We use sumps in our 38 gallon tank kit because we otherwise have had significant air intrusion issues by extending the draw straws and increasing the length the fuel has to be pulled.

What is the purpose an electric lift pump? An electric lift pump greatly improves the amount of fuel flow in order to support larger injection pumps, they also open up better filtration options, and help starter and battery life by self priming without the engine rotating.

What does an intercooler do? An intercooler takes hot, compressed air from the outlet of the turbocharger and cools it using outside air flowing through the truck's cooling stack, dropping the air charge and allowing you to run more fuel for longer periods of time, particularly important when towing, a reason why no modern diesel goes non intercooled.