Featured Projects

A few of our favorite current and past projects:
A 1988 F250 originally equipped with a NA 7.3 and 2wd C6, now equipped with Super Duty Dana 60, Sterling 10.5 with upgraded brakes, and 08+ hydroboost conversion. Engine is now studded with a 093 turbo kit upgraded to our T04Z turbo, and fueled by our 130cc Performer Series DB2 and stage one injectors. All the power is put to the ground with a Southbend 13" clutch and flywheel, backed with a 4x4 ZF5 and BW1356. The interior has been completely refinished, with leather wrapped seats and door panels, fully heat and sound insulated flooring, doors and roof, with a durable vinyl flooring, and custom surround sound stereo system.
Our own test mule, the shop truck is a 1993 F250 with originally a na 7.3 (three engines ago) it's the platform we use to test new products and find the limitations of parts in the IDI platform. Currently running a bone stock NA 7.3 with head studs, a stock IDIT turbo, fueled by BB code injectors, 130cc Performer Series DB2, and Walbro GSL392. Intercooled and fed with two kits of nitrous, and a cooling stage of water methanol.
A recent addition to the CDD fleet, this original 6.9 and T19 equipped 1983 F250 will be a fully dedicated drag truck with the intent of finding just how much power the IDI platform is capable of, and allow us to test and produce more products for the enthusiast interested in using an IDI in a competitive setting.
This 1991 C&C F350 is one of two ever made, originally made for the US Air Force for use in Antarctica where it spent 20+ years in service, this truck was upfitted by Ford with a six inch lift, and 40" military tires. Since then, it has received a Banks Sidewinder kit, Banks Transgo controller, custom tuning, Super Duty RSK, adjustable dampers, gauges, and a full restoration of the cooling, braking, and steering systems. 
This gorgeous 1994 F250 came to us for a few upgrades, but ended up needing more attention than anticipated, and ended up getting full turbo and fuel system restoration. The truck now has a stock 6.0 trans cooler and intercooler, custom intercooler piping and intake, 60-1/T350 upgraded factory turbo, 90cc Street Series DB2 and Stage One Injectors.