CDD OBS & Bricknose IDI Intercooler Kit

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The CDD intercooler kits are designed to fit 87-94 F-Series and Bronco IDIs equipped with factory turbo, CDD or 093 turbo kits. This kit upgrades the factory intake, coolant reservoir and adds a charge air cooler to significantly drop egts, improve performance and especially help with towing heavy loads. Customers typically see a 4-600* drop in EGTs, an increase in power and a decrease in overall coolant temps.
The restrictive factory intake box is removed to make room for the intercooler piping, and gets replaced by a large 4" polished intake with a CDR vent port, high flow blue 6637 intake filter and filterwerks waterproof prefilter to extend the service life of the main filter to over 15k miles. The new air filter sits in place of the factory plastic coolant overflow, which is replaced with the CDD aluminum coolant overflow. For the charge piping we use 2.5" thick wall polished aluminum piping, tig welded in jigs for the least possible boot connections and tested to 140 psi. The provided t bolt clamps are a high quality stainless that wont rust or strip, and the intercooler is a  31x12x3" air to air intercooler mounted in front of the cooling stack, retaining the factory AC in place.

Options/Add-ons (selected in drop downs below)
Charge Pipe to Intake Manifold Connection
  • CDD Intake Hat (Silicone boot connection for use with stock non turbo intake manifold)
  • CDD V-Banded Intake Manifold (Hard plumbed V band connection w/ modified CDD intake manifold for high boost applications) 
Turbo Compressor Housing Size
  • Stock T04B (2" Outlet, stock 093 or factory IDIT turbo)
  • T04S/T04Z (2.5" Outlet, use with any stage 2 or 3 CDD turbo)
Important Notes:
  • The piping requires some trimming on the core support, see above images and instructions .pdf
  • When intercooling a turbo kit that has a stock or stage one turbo charger, the stock intake hat is replaced with a CDD intake hat, and the compressor housing needs to be slightly clocked to work with the piping.
  • When intercooling a turbo kit that has a T04S or T04Z front cover, (Stage 2-3 turbos) the kit will come with the correct boot for the 2.5" outlet instead of the stock outlet size. 
  • CDD Intercooler kits use the same intake pipe as our cold air intake for 093/IDIT turbos, if you already have this intake installed let us know in the order notes, and we will refund the difference.
  • Fits OBS 1992-1997 F-Series and Bronco (w/ factory diesel core support) and Bricknose 1987-1991 F-Series and Bronco (w/ factory diesel core support)

CDD OBS & Bricknose IDI Intercooler Kit Installation Instructions:



Donaldson Blue® 6637 Filter Info:

Donaldson Blue® air filters with Ultra-Web® nanofiber technology protect engines by providing better initial and overall efficiency compared to conventional cellulose media. Donaldson invented air filters for heavy-duty diesel engines over 100 years ago and were the first to develop nanofiber air filter media for the diesel engines, with more than 20 years of proven performance. 

  • Longer Engine Life - Donaldson Blue™ air filters provided better engine protection by allowing much less contaminant to pass through than cellulose air filters but still maintaing a higher flow rate
  • Longer Filter Life - Smaller interfiber spaces of Ultra-Web® nanofiber technology hold more submicron contaminant than conventional filters with cellulose media, delivering longer filter life
  • Increased Flow - Utilizing the nanofiber Ultra-Web® media has allowed for a 37% increase in flow over the standard 6637 cellulose filter. It has also been tested to flow over 1300 CFM+.
Media Type
  • Ultra-Web® Nanofiber Technology -- Exclusively in Donaldson Blue air filters
    • Engineered to perform in extreme temperature and humidity conditions, unlike ordinary nanofibers and cellulose which aren't hydrophobic
    • Proven in the real world – used in diesel engines for nearly two decades
    • On-road applications are guaranteed to go twice the distance compared to standard cellulose filters

100% Made In The USA

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