Nonwastegated Banks Turbo Rebuilds and Upgrades

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The banks non-wastegated turbos suffer from a number of issues, the first being the antiquated carbon seal design that doesn't have as long as a service life as a more modern step gap ring seal, to combat these issues and build a turbo that will last we replace every bearing housing on these banks turbos with a newer style t3/t4 center section that features step gap sealing rings and a 360* thrust bearing, a major improvement from the factory 270* support bearing.

The next issue becomes performance, these turbos run an oversized turbine wheel to keep shaft speed down since there is no wastegate, and they feature the smallest compressor wheel of any turbo found on an IDI, so these turbos are not considered to be a good performance turbo and typically don't see much more than 10 psi fairly high in the rpm range. Depending on your power goals, we can build these turbos to support two-three times as much air flow.

Turbo upgrades start with our 61/85mm billet GTX3582 compressor wheel, this size wheel matched with the larger turbine side is a very good option for trucks running 90-130cc pumps, any more fuel we recommend going up in compressor housing size to a T04Z cover and the 67/96mm GTX3584 wheel. With the 61mm wheel upgrade the factory compressor housing is remachined for the larger wheel, and ported on the inlet to maximize airflow to the inducer tips and limit compressor surge, while remaining externally stock so everything bolts in like a stock turbo would.

Ceramic coating is available as an upgrade for any level of turbo rebuild, our high temp ceramic coating is available in colors and mixtures of gold, silver, black and green to restore the look of your turbo, insulate the piping to improve turbo spool time, all while keeping more heat out of your cab and rust out of your exhaust. The default color for ceramic coating is silver, if you wish to use any of the other available colors, please leave a note at checkout, or through the Contact Us page. If opted not to use a ceramic coating, the turbine will be coated with a high temp primer to prevent corrosion and give the turbo a like new look.

Exchange Options Now Available!!! We have built an inventory of these very hard to find turbos so you can keep your truck on the road while we work on your new turbo. Simply return your old turbo within 30 days of reception of your new turbo to get your $500 core charge refunded. 

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