6.9/7.3 IDI Turbo Rebuilds & Upgrades

Every CDD turbocharger rebuild utilizes genuine Garrett compressor wheels and turbines that feature individual component balancing to neutral balance each part and limit bearing wear caused by cheaper non balanced parts. Most cheaper rebuilds will not balance their turbos after using these cheaper parts, or at best will use neutral balanced parts and assemble them without reevaluating the balance of the turbocharger assembly.

CDD takes this neutral balancing a step further, using state of the art Cimat/VSR balancing equipment we are able to fully test run every turbocharger up to 150,000 rpms, prelube the bearing cartridge to leak test the assembly, and make machining changes to the turbocharger to create a perfect assembly or "core" balancing which is far superior to any neutral balancing since the entire assembly is balanced together, creating far less distortion in the bearing area, which leads to less bearing wear and quicker spool up. 


Every one of our turbochargers, whether a stock or fully custom turbo comes with our balance data sheet comparing the amount of rotational vibration or distortion the assembly creates from 0-150,000 rpms, so you know exactly what you are installing. 

Along with balance improvements, every turbo gets our upgraded 360* thrust bearing, a critical part in controlling in/out thrust load on the shaft, these turbos originally come with a bearing only supporting 270* of the shaft, so this is a significant improvement even for a stock rebuild. Additionally we update the oil control/seal ring on the rear of the turbine to a step gap ring which creates a gapless seal to greatly reduce oil consumption and turbine coaking.