ATS 088 Turbo Rebuilds and Upgrades

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After over twenty-five years of service, most turbos are in poor condition and could use a rebuild. All CDD rebuilds feature oem quality parts, get our 360* thrust bearing conversion, updated oil seal rings, and a full dynamic balancing for a better than oem lifespan and performance. Stock rebuilds start at $600 for the ATS 088.

All ATS 088 turbos suffer from the same issue, slow responsiveness and not enough air flow. The large turbine housing and wheel flow very well, but matched with the tiny T04B cast compressor wheel it makes for a very slow spool with not a much boost without a lot of rpms. We have found that an off the shelf modern 61mm Garrett GTX series wheel machined down to work with the older style backing plate spacing, is a much better match for the large hotside. The larger billet wheel moves much more air per rotation than the stock wheel, without slowing down the spool time. This means you get into boost sooner, and more of it. This cuts down on smoke, and picks up significant torque in the midrange where the 088 really suffer.

Ceramic coating is available as an upgrade for any level of turbo rebuild, our high temp ceramic coating is available in colors and mixtures of gold, silver, black and green to restore the look of your turbo, insulate the piping to improve turbo spool time, all while keeping more heat out of your cab and rust out of your exhaust. The default color for ceramic coating is silver, if you wish to use any of the other available colors, please leave a note at checkout, or through the Contact Us page. If opted not to use a ceramic coating, the turbine will be coated with a high temp primer to prevent corrosion and give the turbo a like new look.

Exchange Options Now Available!!! We have built an inventory of these very hard to find turbos so you can keep your truck on the road while we work on your new turbo. Simply return your old turbo within 30 days of reception of your new turbo to get your $500 core charge refunded. 

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