Beehive Spring and Valvetrain Kit for 6.9/7.3 IDI

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CDD's all new Beehive Spring and Valvetrain Kit combine the latest technologies available to produce the best performing springs on the market. Reducing the top coil size of the springs allows for a lightweight, billet retainer set and keepers. Additionally, beehive springs offer a multi-arc (ovate or egg-shaped) that allows for the stress distribution of the wire to be equally distributed on the opposing sides of the wire. Combine these features--and the result is a variable-frequency spring that performs at a higher level rpm than traditional springs.

When Compared to other IDI valve spring options like the common 910-16, the Beehive setup allows for 37% more lift without coil bind, is capable of more spring pressure (323 lbs vs 388 lbs). has on average 55% more seat pressure when installed at the same height as the 910-16, and allows for an overall far better installed spring height for our IDI valvetrain geometry. With all new billet retainers, hats, locaters and shims included this kit will replace every component that touches your valve spring with all new, lighter and stronger parts. This kit is made to be a drop in kit with no machining required. 


  • Beehive Spring Set x16 Springs
  • Billet Spring Buckets x16
  • Billet Spring Retainers x16
  • Billet tool steel valve locks x32
  • Spring Shims x48

Target Installed Height: 1.900" (148lbs/in)

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