IDI Wastegate Delete Flange with 3" V-Banded Outlet

  • $200.00

Through some performance testing with the factory turbo I found that even with the wastegate mechanically locked and preloaded the arm would still slightly bend allowing exhaust to leak past the turbine slowing the response from the turbo and limiting boost through the rev range. 
I designed a flange to match the proprietary ford outlet pattern with a step pipe and a 3" v band. This completely blocks off the wastegate passage and streamlines the exhaust flow through the turbine. I saw improved response from the turbo, less drive pressure and a few psi more boost. I built a 3" up pipe for a hood stack which eventually became the up pipe for the compound turbo setup, which also worked flawlessly with no boost leaks and made a ton more room around the turbo, making turbo removal a 20 minute job, and fabricating a downpipe or up pipe very easy. 

Stainless downpipes and hood stacks coming soon!

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