CDD OBS & Bricknose IDI Intercooler Kit

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The CDD intercooler kits are designed to fit 87-94 IDIs equipped with factory turbo, CDD or 093 turbo kits. For the piping we will use 2.5" thick wall polished aluminum piping, tig welded for the least possible boot connections and tested to 140 psi. The clamps are stainless T bolt clamps, and the intercooler is a 31x12x3" air to air intercooler mounted in front of the cooling stack keeping the factory AC in place. The piping requires some trimming on the core support, and is designed to fit 94-87 ford trucks equipped with factory turbo/ATS 093 turbo kits. The stock intake hat is replaced with a CDD intake hat, and the compressor housing needs to be slightly clocked to work with the piping. If you have a CDD upgraded turbo with a T04S or T04Z front cover, the kit will come with the correct boot for the 2.5" outlet instead of the stock outlet size. 

The intake box is replaced to make room for the piping, and gets a CDD 4" intake with a CDR vent port, blue 6637 intake filter and filterwerks waterproof prefilter to extend the service life of the main filter. The large filter sits in place of the coolant overflow, which is replaced with the CDD polished stainless steel overflow, tig welded and pressure tested.
If currently out of stock, any orders will be backordered and ship out after following intercooler kit batch is completed, please expect delays.

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