CDD 6.9/7.3 IDI 4 Row Aluminum Radiator Upgrade

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Big thanks to everyone in the CDD Facebook Tech Group that helped us test these new products!

CDD's 4 Row Radiators have landed and are ready for the summer heat! These radiators are each individually pressure tested in house, come with the correct billet transmission cooler line adapters, all aluminum construction with tig welded end tanks, full sized 4 row core, billet filler neck and a 5 year, free replacement warranty. 

Add ons:

Twin Electric Spal Fan Kit

Upgrade from the clutched mechanical fan to our modern electric fan shroud design. Featuring Italian Spal relays, wiring and curved fans, these Spal 14" & 16" fans move a combined 4,364 CFM and are automatically triggered to cycle on and off with the included thermostatic switch. This shroud only fits the factory ac radiators aka "tall & narrow radiators" does not fit the non ac "short wide radiators".

  • Superior fitment and usable surface area compared to the original factory plastic fan shroud.
  • Constant cycle rate, independent of engine rpm improves in town, low vehicle speed cooling and air conditioning in traffic, reduces load on the engine and improves mpg. 
  • Thermostatic fan control comes prewired and already installed to speed up engine warm up in cold climates and allows for a "cooldown mode" to cycle the fans without the engine running. 


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