CDD 093/IDIT Intake Kit (T04B/T04S/T04Z)

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Free up space on top your engine while improving performance and mpg with our CDD intake kits. These kits are compatible with serpentine drive setups and 093/factory turbo kits. Comes with boots, clamps, aluminum coolant reservoir, CDR tube, Blue 6637 Donaldson air filter, waterproof prefilter and polished 4" thick walled aluminum piping.  This intake is the same part used in our intercooler kits, which can be added later on at a reduced cost, contact us for more info!

Donaldson Blue® 6637 Filter Info:

Donaldson Blue® air filters with Ultra-Web® nanofiber technology protect engines by providing better initial and overall efficiency compared to conventional cellulose media. Donaldson invented air filters for heavy-duty diesel engines over 100 years ago and were the first to develop nanofiber air filter media for the diesel engines, with more than 20 years of proven performance. 

  • Longer Engine Life - Donaldson Blue™ air filters provided better engine protection by allowing much less contaminant to pass through than cellulose air filters but still maintaing a higher flow rate
  • Longer Filter Life - Smaller interfiber spaces of Ultra-Web® nanofiber technology hold more submicron contaminant than conventional filters with cellulose media, delivering longer filter life
  • Increased Flow - Utilizing the nanofiber Ultra-Web® media has allowed for a 37% increase in flow over the standard 6637 cellulose filter. It has also been tested to flow over 1300 CFM+.
Media Type
  • Ultra-Web® Nanofiber Technology -- Exclusively in Donaldson Blue air filters
    • Engineered to perform in extreme temperature and humidity conditions, unlike ordinary nanofibers and cellulose which aren't hydrophobic
    • Proven in the real world – used in diesel engines for nearly two decades
    • On-road applications are guaranteed to go twice the distance compared to standard cellulose filters

100% Made In The USA

Installation instructions-

To install this kit, simply remove your factory air box and coupler to the inlet of the turbo, along with the factory coolant reservoir, mounting the windshield washer reservoir up against the inside of the fender to make space for the filter behind the driver side battery. On some year models the two wires may need to be lengthened for the washer fluid pump. Next install the 90* coupler onto the inlet of the turbo pointing it towards the driver side, and install the 4" intake tube into the coupler with the CDR barb facing towards the CDR on the driver side valve cover. Install the filter onto the end of the 4" tube with the prefilter over the main filter, and rotate the main tubing bend for the best clearance of the accessories and hood, once in a satisfactory angle, install the support bracket for the main filter mounting it to the original base for the coolant reservoir. Install the CDR tube and clamps, making sure the whole assembly is tight and cannot rub any engine components, then locate a suitable location for the coolant reservoir. Depending on the body style truck, I have found the core support, radiator fan shroud mounting off the side of the radiator, inner fender wells all to be good locations to mount the reservoir using the supplied bracketry. Any questions on the install please contact for support.

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