38 Gallon Rear Tank Conversion Kit for 1983-1997 Ford Diesels

  • $350.00

Add fuel capacity and eliminate the problematic "shower head" pickup design with our billet diesel sump and new 38 gallon rear tank. With a sump fuel is picked up from the bottom of the tank so every drop of fuel is used, the entire fuel system is gravity fed, the feed and return lines are easily accessible without removing the tank, and the tank is easily drained by removing the drain fitting at the center of the sump. All that is necessary for the install is a quality 3" steel hole saw, hardware for installing the tank is included along with new tank straps to fit the deeper tank, our billet diesel sump, and fuel fittings for 3/8" (-6an), 5/8" and 3/4" pushlock hose.

The 38 gallon tank can be used with the stock selector switch and front fuel tank for over 55 gallons of total fuel capacity, or as a single fuel tank to eliminate the selector switch and simplify the fuel system greatly. Pushlock hose can be used from the rear tank up to a DIY electric fuel pump setup, or with the R&D e-pump/filter setup. With the deeper tank the spare tire will not fit in the stock location.

Dimensions: 34-3/4" x 27" x 13-3/4"

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