CDD Performance E-Fuel Conversion Kits

  • $450.00

Designed to work in conjunction with our single tank kits, this kit will replace every bit of fuel system between the rear tank and the engine. Included is a cleanable canister pre-filter and mounting bracket, dual filter head with water separator and secondary fuel conditioner filter, electric fuel pump (selected below), 40 amp rated waterproof relay kit with premade wiring harness, block off plate for the factory mechanical fuel pump, and enough 300psi rated push lock hose to replace the feed and return lines for your body style truck. The fuel system uses all high quality AN style fittings with push lock ends to run all the way to the injection pump (injection pump inlet fitting and feed line included), as well as a fuelab gauge for easy adjustment of the included pressure regulator. 

Depending on your injection pump size, there are several options available to suit your power levels. Our base kit is designed to feed from stock to 130cc pumps that use stock fuel pressures around the 5 psi range. The next option up uses the latest from walbro performance pumps, the gsl396 inline pump, which is capable of feeding up to 130 psi and 180cc. For customers running the largest pumps out there, we also offer a dual pump kit running twin walbro GSL396s and capable of feeding up 275cc.

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