CDD 7.3 & 6.9 IDI Engine Reseal Kit

CDD 7.3 & 6.9 IDI Engine Reseal Kit

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Complete engine reseal kits with our upgraded head gasket set, valve stem seals, and motorcraft thermostat.


  • Viton front and rear main seals 
  • Front and rear engine plate gaskets
  • Oil pickup tube gasket
  • Oil cooler o rings and mounting gaskets
  • Lift pump flange gasket
  • Water pump and water outlet gaskets
  • Ford oem thermostat and thermostat housing gasket
  • CDD valve stem seals
  • CDD head gasket set
  • Exhaust manifold gasket set
  • Valve cover gasket set
  • CDD viton injector o ring and copper washer set

Optional add on: Replacement Intake Valley Pan Gasket (+$100)

  • Features a solid bonded carbon steel frame
  • Updated "factory turbo" baffling design
  • PTFE non-stick coating
  • Made in USA

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