IDI CDR Delete/ Catch Can Kit

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Delete your CDR valve and decrease your oil consumption with our catch can kit, this kit will reroute the crankcase gasses into our 8 layered, baffled, double bypass catch can from the valve covers or timing cover where the gasses are cooled passing through our 10 chambered design and any liquids are separated and collected at the bottom of the catch can for manual or automatic draining (automatic drain requires E-fuel conversion). Clean crankcase gasses come out of the catch can and are routed back into the intake, maintaining a vacuum on the crankcase which aids turbo performance, piston ring sealing and decreases oil consumption, as well as minimizing carbon deposits left on valves and pistons from crankcase oil reburning with the factory CDR design.

Includes 10ft 12AN push lock hose, fittings, catch can and selected drain kit. Order our 12AN modified valve covers for multiple venting options or use with a banks timing cover adapter.

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