6.9/7.3 IDI Performance Injection Pumps & Injectors

All Classic Diesel Designs' DB2 injection pumps are built to and exceed oem specification. All pumps are built with a new advance piston, balanced metering valve to reduce side load and stickage issues, low lubricity spec tool steel blade set and transfer pump liner to reduce wear with modern dry diesel, high torque shutoff solenoid, viton material grade seals, updated delivery valve, delivery valve stop, and low lubricity grooved plungers. (See Stanadyne service bulletins: S.B 60R8, S.B.108RlO, S.B.125R5, S.B. 304R8 S.B. 334R1, S.B. 373R1.)
Due to the increasing age and lack of low mile cores, many head and rotors these days are worn beyond use, and will only last a short time before having hotstart issues following a rebuild. We use a proprietary method of vertical CNC honing to refit rotors to tighter fitting heads, down to <2Ra finish to create a far superior fit and rotor alignment than any factory Stanadyne assembly, creating such a great hydraulic wedge between the rotor and head, we see very little possible wear even with our current dry modern diesel. This same process is used in our big bore pumps, allowing us to create pumps outputting tens of times more fuel than this rotary injection style was designed to support, without compromising longevity, or full mechanical control.
Another common issue with the design of the DB series rotary pump is rapid wear of the advance piston bore due to the hardened piston sliding in the aluminum bore quickly eroding the critical tolerance due to lack of lubricity of modern diesel fuel.
Most cheaper rebuilds ream out this bore and fit a larger piston, but this is just a temporary fix and soon the hydraulic advance will be out of spec, resulting in a lack of power, high egts and a smokey exhaust. Our solution is to mill out this bore and install a ceramic sleeve. This ceramic sleeve allows us to create a better fit than with the original design, and shows no wear after over 100k miles, extending the lifespan of the pump, and maintaining the same out of box performance many years down the road.
Several of our larger injection pumps include our proprietary In-Cab-Fueling-Controller (ICFC), which allows adjustment from inside the cab of total fueling (max power) as well as how aggressive the injection pump fuels (smoke control). This is done completely pneumatically, with no fuel plumbed into the cab, or any electronic controls to complicate the simplicity of mechanical injection.